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Workplace Giving

Our Annual Arts Campaign wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our supportive local workplaces! We are so thankful to the workplaces who partner with us at ArtsinStark through the Annual Arts Campaign as their support provides quality arts education, healthy communities, and local jobs all throughout our county!

Want to be a part of the fun? Your workplace can help support the mission of ArtsinStark by hosting its own Workplace Arts Campaign! There are fun and easy ways for your employees and company to interact with their community through arts opportunities, professional development, and employee engagement. Want a guest artist to perform? A hands-on arts activity? Compete in a team trivia contest? We can make it happen!  Your workplace campaign can be as creative and fun as you are! We have gifts and prizes to help incentivize your employees to be involved as well!

How can we help you? Our staff at ArtsinStark is committed to help you host a successful Arts Campaign. We will help you plan and organize an enjoyable, creative experience in support of ArtsinStark. Contact us for assistance as we strive to be the only Arts Drive nationwide to meet our goal for 15 years!

For more information contact David at