Upcoming Show at John Strauss Furniture’s Upstairs Gallery

John Strauss Furniture continues with a series of shows of Ohio artists in his Upstairs Gallery, featuring Springfield photography duo Tom Heaphey and Vicki Rulli of Itinerant Studio, opening August 3 from 6-9pm, coinciding with First Friday downtown. The Upstairs Gallery is located on the second floor of Strauss’ furniture showroom and workshop. 
Itinerant Studio consists of the husband and wife team of Tom and Vicki as well as a support staff, and is known for their photography on unconventional materials such as wood, acrylic and metal.
Itinerant Studio is a​ production art studio creating original and limited edition mixed media works using a variety of techniques and materials that serves the design and wholesale trade. Tom and Vicki have travelled the World over for their photography, visiting such places as Morocco, Cuba, Florida and Minnesota for their imagery. Strauss says, “they have innovated in the last few years with gold leaf and plaster incorporated into their photography as well. I purchased a piece years ago of theirs with encaustic wax that is magical”.
Tom and Vicki are both originally from Ohio. Vicki from Lorain and Tom from Granville and they met in Columbus. They chose to live in Springfield as it was a growing vibrant place with many artists and a cultural background. They have recently purchased and renovated an older factory building in downtown Springfield as their headquarters and workshop.
Tom and Vicki will be present on Friday the 3rd to answer questions and meet guests. They will also have some smaller prints for sale that opening weekend only. More information is available at https://www.itinerantstudio.com/