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SmArts arts-focused learning residencies increase academic achievement by guiding students to find meaning and make connections to academic content through the Arts. Launched in 2009 to support academic achievement for Stark County’s youth, SmArts was evaluated for 3 years with the following results:

1) SmArts students outperformed other students at the 95% level.
2) SmArts students scoring at the highest reading levels jumped from 25% to 48%.
3) SmArts students’ 4th grade writing scores skyrocketed up 23%!

In a typical SmArts residency, the classroom teacher identifies the content area of focus and the fine arts discipline they would like their students to explore. The teacher is then paired with a professional artist to collaborate in the design and implementation of a unique SmArts residency that benefits students of multiple learning styles.

SmArts Partnerships are co-funded by AIS and the participating school district.  Partnership district students benefit from longer in-depth learning experiences, allowing for deeper learning. 

SmArts Scholarships are gifted to non-partner schools and are limited in number.  

AIS is proud to serve all 17 public school districts and all the Catholic schools in Stark County.  More than 30,000 students have experienced SmArts!!

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