Organ Donor Art and Health Expo

Innovative Approach to a Health Fair to be Held at Jupiter Studios

Please join Jupiter Studios in celebration of artist with disabilities! This is an innovative event funded through the VSA Ohio Grant from the Lippmann-Kanfer Fund. We will be featuring an interesting live installation performance by Matt Swift. 2D Artwork will the displayed inspired by the human body from both artists with disabilities and their caretakers.

Featured artists include Chrystal Robinson-Shofroth, Lena Schwarze, Jacklyn Picone, Rae Faba, Matt Swift, Alicia M Hopkins and MANDEM’s Collection of artworks titled “HYPER-MOBILITY” which has traveled internationally to galleries and museums!

Local non-profits will be in attendance with booths set up offering information to the community on health and more! Some of these amazing non-profits include Rodman Public Library, Anchor House, VSA Ohio, IBD Journeys, The American Heart Association and more! Lifeblood will be there to sign up organ donors and speak on the importance of becoming an organ donor.

Jacklyn Picone and Sharon Coyle Saeed from IBD Journeys will be performing with several other musicians.

Suggested $5 donation at the door. Award-winning Columbus artist and filmmaker, Matt Swift will be installing and debuting his new performance based live painting that is part of his Frondeur series (Frondeur is the French term for political rebel). This work will feature the artist in a 6’x6′ arena negotiating space with a robotic painting assistant to create a large-scale human versus machine action painting.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Chrystal Robinson-Shofroth at 330-680-3893 or