Marty Chapman, Esq.

Tell us a little about YOU!

I’m retired now, but I was a teacher, then a journalist working in broadcast media, and I went to law school and practiced law. I started wood turning to get rid of the extra wood that I had. For some time, I was a part of the ArtsinStark board. I am now a part of Market Street Arts which is the longest running gallery in Stark County.

How did you first become interested in the arts?

I wasn’t necessarily interested in the arts, but I was exposed to music and paintings through school and my parents always had music in the house. As far as art is concerned, I just like what I like.

I’ve been woodworking since I was a child. My dad was a wood worker and taught me when I was young. Wood working for me has always been a way of fulfilling some sort of need—whether it be creating a use for excess wood, or to experience the process of creating something.

Can you share a memorable experience related to your artwork?

My most memorable pieces have been the ones that were the ugliest to begin with and have been morphed into something somebody appreciates. I mostly work with green wood, or wood that has recently fallen because this type of wood is best for woodworking. It’s a mystery sometimes to what the finished piece is going to look like because the wood changes so much throughout the process.

What mediums do you prefer to work with, and why?

I prefer to work with wood because I can’t paint worth a damn, and I sure can’t throw pottery. The only musical instrument I can play is the harmonica- and badly. It’s kind of a process of elimination

You need hard woods to do woodturning and Stark County is an area where hard woods flourish. There is an abundance of hard woods here, so the area is where much of my wood comes from.

Are there any local artists or art movements that have influenced you?

I am inspired by Laura Donnelly’s work which consists of a lot of pottery. Much of my work looks like ceramics. I am also inspired by many local wood turners. One in specific is Dave Hout, out of northern Stark County.

How are you involved in the Stark County arts community?

I am involved with Market Street Arts spot in Minerva. I first became involved with the gallery when it was the 20 20 Vision, the first arts committee in the county. 20 20 Vision was also associated with ArtsinStark and this involvement continues on through Market Street Arts.Every second Friday at the Market Street Arts spot there is a new event. There is always live music and new artwork from emerging and existing artists. Market Street Arts spot has been supporting artists for fourteen years.

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