Angels, Carnations and Comedy Murals in Alliance

The Troll Hole Museum located on historic East Main Street in Alliance, Ohio is working hard to change the look and feel of Alliance’s historic downtown. Murals are popping up throughout a few block radius of the Troll Hole Museum

There is one mural that is very special for Alliance and the history of the scarlet carnation flower which was developed by Levi Lamborn in Alliance.  This mural will be unveiled during the Greater Alliance Carnation Festival celebration. The Troll Hole Museum partnered with Beech Creek Botanical Gardens to create a mural commemorating Levi Lamborn and the story of his contributions to Alliance.  Beech Creek has a new Levi Lamborn Museum which will educate visitors on the many accomplishments of Levi Lamborn.

Steve Dasgupta, graphic artist and muralist from India was a guest of the Troll Hole Museum this past spring, he painted the mural.  Mr. Dasgupta along with David McDowell, the resident artist of Troll Hole Museum completed seven other murals as part of plan to improve facades on East Main Street.  Since 2012 the Groom Family has created a tourist destination in historic downtown Alliance. Angel wings, comedy, cat and dog themed murals are up and more in the works.

The Levi mural will be installed on the Chamber of Commerce building at 210 E Main Street.

The mural unveiling will be on Aug 6th at 5:00 PM.  Chamber president, Mark Locke will preside over the brief ceremony.  During the ceremony, David McDowell resident artist of the Troll Hole Museum will portray Levi Lamborn and will present a speech.

In addition, The Troll Museum will host a special carnation themed scavenger tours of the museum with prizes all day on August  6 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Tours are $10.00 for adults, $8.00 seniors and students, $6.00 for children, and $3.00 for young children.  Tours can be booked by calling Sherry at 330 929 1071.