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Start with Art Stripes ArtsinStark Annual Campaign
Why Donate Start with Art ArtsinStark Annual Campaign

With your financial gift, we can continue to ensure that Stark County “Starts with Art.” Your dollars will enable us to:

Massillon Museum
The Massillon Museum was founded in 1933 to preserve the history of Massillon, Ohio. Now, it is a local art and history museum, which has major collections of photography; costumes and textiles; china, glass and pottery; domestic appliances; and circus memorabilia.

The Museum was first accredited in 1972 by the American Association of Museums (now the American Alliance of Museums) and has continued to be accredited by the AAM since that time. Their permanent collection contains over 100,000 items, mostly gifts from the community.

Today, their mission is to collect, preserve and exhibit art and artifacts to enrich our community through education and experience.
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Grantee Spotlight: Into Light
The national nonprofit organization Into Light, which is dedicated to reducing the stigma and shame associated with drug addiction through the power of art, brought its exhibit to the Malone Art Gallery during the winter of 2021 with support from an ArtsinStark special project grant.

Into Light creates forums for sharing stories, providing support, and offering education and activities that address the drug epidemic. The purpose of the Into Light project is to honor the lives of those who have died from drug addiction in their entirety, rather than defining these lives only by the disease of addiction and their cause of death. Canton artist Heather Bullach contributed 21 original graphite portraits of individuals from Ohio who have lost their lives to drug addiction. Twenty additional portraits were done by Into Light Executive Director Theresa Clower.
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Canton Ballet
One of Ohio's oldest and most successful arts institutions, Canton Ballet was founded by school director Suanne Ferguson and board president Jane Bingham Fawcett as Canton Civic Ballet in 1965. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Cassandra Crowley since 1981, Canton Ballet is now one of the foremost arts organizations in the state.

With the School of Canton Ballet, a company of more than 35 pre-professional dancers, and an expansive repertoire, Canton Ballet is a highly regarded training ground for serious young dancers.

The School of Canton Ballet has a current enrollment of 325 students ages toddler to adult.
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Sing Stark!
Founded in 1939, Sing Stark has shared the "joy of singing" with Stark County for eight decades. The existence of Sing Stark is credited to the passion of one woman, Dorothy Kerst Davis, who after spending a summer at the Chautauqua Music Festival wanted to bring opera home to Canton, Ohio. Over the past 80 years, the founding chorus has performed in several countries including Germany, France, England, Wales, Scotland and Canada. In 2015, the chorus was honored by an invitation to perform at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

Today, the commitment to use choral art to educate, inspire and unite is forefront in the work of Sing Stark. Armed with research reporting that "singing together" makes us heathier, happier and more creative, the Sing Stark staff if focused on creating innovative, engaging programming that makes singing together user friendly.
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Workplace Spotlight: Innis Maggiore
Founded in 1974, Innis Maggiore is independently owned, ranked in the top 10% of all AAAA agencies, and is the nation's leading agency in the practice of positioning. The only way to rise above the clutter is positioning - carving a sharp focal point around your most important competitive difference and planting that difference firmly in the minds of your prospects. Innis Maggiore has been an ArtsinStark workplace for over 10 years and has 100% participation in their workplace for the arts! "We are proud to be a part of supporting ArtsinStark's mission and hope to continue to do so for many years," said Cheryl Henderson, Innis Maggiore workplace coordinator.

Want your business to be a workplace for the arts? Email Campaign Strategist David Lee at
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Canton Symphony Orchestra
The Canton Symphony Orchestra receives ArtsinStark operating support and is one of the most highly respected small-budget symphony orchestras in the United States. With musical leadership from nationally recognized conductor Gerhardt Zimmermann—now in his 40th year as Music Director—the CSO is ranked by the region's leading musicians as second only to the Cleveland Orchestra in this part of the state.
  • Formed in 1937, the CSO gave its first concert on February 16, 1938 under the direction of Richard Oppenheim.
  • The Canton Youth Symphony was founded in 1961, followed by the formation of The Symphony League of Canton in 1963 and the Canton Symphony Chorus in 1983.
  • In January 2021, the CSO started a weekly podcast called "Orchestrating Change" with the goal of more inclusion in the classical music world.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic the CSO has offered many virtual experiences including online music theory course, speaker series, professional development for teachers, and even "Selections for Staying Home," small online concerts from CSO musicians.
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    Louisville's Umbrella Alley
    Between shops along Main Street in the Louisville's downtown, 185 brightly colored umbrellas hang suspended from a wire pulley system. Louisville's Umbrella Alley became a must-see in 2020 after creators Rick and Raeann Guiley saw a similar display on a trip to Portugal. With the help of an ArtsinStark 2020 Vision Grant, Umbrella Alley has become a destination spot and is already bringing people together from all over the area, including surrounding states.
  • The umbrellas will open this year in May.
  • ArtsinStark hosted four "Unplugged in Umbrella Alley" events in September 2020 with a variety of music, food, and arts experiences.
  • For the holiday season, organizers invited the community to create snowflakes make out of hangers to hang over umbrella alley.
  • Temporary art can often be seen in the alley by lead artist Jeff Keirn.
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    Little Free Library
    ArtsinStark has awarded over $2 million through the grant program to 900 small non-profits, artists, and schools in every single community in Stark County.

    With the support of a Special Project Grant from ArtsinStark, the Paul & Carol David YMCA worked with artist Alaina Lingenhoel to create a Little Free Library, with the help of over 170 children enrolled in their 4 before & after school programs. Participants hand painted rocks to create an artistic environment for the library, and available books will revolve around art.

    It is their hope that they can hold a grand opening in late spring / early summer so that they can begin adding books and officially open their Little Free Library!
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    David Whitehill ArtsinStark CEO

    David Whitehill, ArtsinStark President & CEO

    Start with Art Message from the CEO

    ArtsinStark is directly involved in funding these projects and many more that directly benefit our community:

    As Honorary Chairs, we are proud to support ArtsinStark’s annual campaign, Start with Art. Throughout its history, ArtsinStark has developed our community by leveraging the arts as a vehicle to create new jobs, smarter kids, and healthier communities. Together, we stand up for ArtsinStark and the 900 cultural organizations, individual artists and makers it supports.

    Start with Art ArtsinStark Campaign Music Video
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    President & CEO,
    Visit Canton, &

    Executive VP, 
    Visit Canton

    Start with Art ArtsinStark Campaign Acting Video
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    Owner, Carpe Diem Coffee Shop &

    PATRICK WYATT, Downtown Canton
    Special Improvement District

    Start with Art ArtsinStark Campaign Dancing Video
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    Stark County Prosecutor &

    LAMAR SHARPE, President, Be A Better Me

    Start with Art ArtsinStark Campaign Painting Video
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    JANET CREIGHTON, Stark County Commissioner &

    THOMAS BERNABEI, Mayor, City of Canton

    Start with Art One of a Kind Experiences Raffle


    Play the Organ at the Palace + Movie Party!


    Cultural Center Plaza Party + Name the Alley!


    Painting Party & Dinner!


    A Night on the (Down)Town!
    Your DONATION OF $50 OR MORE grants you a raffle entry for your choice from the following incredible arts experiences. Plus, receive a bonus raffle entry for the prize of your choice for EVERY ADDITIONAL $100 YOU DONATE.
    Kilgen Organ ArtsinStark Annual Campaign Raffle
    ArtsinStark Annual Campaign Raffle

    Play the Organ at the Palace + Movie Party!

    Play the Organ at the Palace + Movie Party!

    Join Jay Spencer, resident organist of the Canton Palace Theatre, for a lesson and performance on the Kilgen Organ! PLUS, invite 9 of your friends/family to join you for the movie with snacks and soda.

    Donated by the Palace Theatre
    ArtsinStark Annual Campaign Raffle

    Cultural Center Plaza Party + Name the Alley!

    Cultural Center Plaza Party + Name the Alley!

    The Cultural Center Plaza is yours for a private party for 20. PLUS, you name the alley next to the Plaza for one year!

    Donated by the Cultural Center & Buehler’s Fresh Foods
    Cultural Center Party ArtsinStark Annual Campaign Raffle
    The Hub Art Factory ArtsinStark Annual Campaign Raffle
    ArtsinStark Annual Campaign Raffle

    Painting Party + Dinner

    Painting Party + Dinner

    Join artist Tim Carmany and nine of your friends to paint a mural on the exterior of The Hub. Followed by burgers at George's!

    Donated by Tim Carmany, the Hub Art Factory & George’s Lounge
    ArtsinStark Annual Campaign Raffle

    A Night on the (Down)Town!

    A Night on the (Down)Town!

    It’s Date Night for Two! Enjoy dinner at Bender’s Tavern, drinks at Grapes in a Glass, a show at Avenue Arts, a tour of The Eleven with Robb Hankins, and an overnight stay and brunch at the DoubleTree Canton Downtown by Hilton and 330 Bar & Grill.

    Donated by the experience’s hosts
    The Eleven ArtsinStark Annual Campaign Raffle
    Start Giving ArtsinStark Campaign Performance Arts
    Start Giving ArtsinStark Campaign Musical Arts
    Start Giving ArtsinStark Campaign Visual Arts
    Start with Art Stripes ArtsinStark Annual Campaign
    Start Giving ArtsinStark Campaign
    Thank you for joining us in supporting the arts as a vital part of our community and keeping Stark County a vibrant place to live.
    Start with Art Workplace Giving

    Our Annual Arts Campaign wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our supportive local workplaces! We are so thankful to the workplaces who partner with us at ArtsinStark through the Annual Arts Campaign as their support provides quality arts education, healthy communities, and local jobs all throughout our county!

    Want to be a part of the fun?

    Your workplace can help support the mission of ArtsinStark by hosting its own Workplace Arts Campaign! There are fun and easy ways for your employees and company to interact with their community through arts opportunities, professional development, and employee engagement. Want a guest artist to perform? A hands-on arts activity? Compete in a team trivia contest? We can make it happen!  Your workplace campaign can be as creative and fun as you are! We have gifts and prizes to help incentivize your employees to be involved as well!

    How can we help you? 

    Our staff at ArtsinStark is committed to help you host a successful Arts Campaign. We will help you plan and organize an enjoyable, creative experience in support of ArtsinStark. Contact us for assistance as we strive to be the only Arts Drive nationwide to meet our goal for 16 years!

    ArtsinStark + Cultural Center Logo

    900 Cleveland Ave. NW
    Canton OH 44702