20/20 Vision

On March 20, 2011, ArtsinStark unveiled plans spanning five communities and five county-wide initiatives, all designed to integrate the arts into long-term plans for economic development.

HIGHLIGHTS:  When 20/20 Vision is completed we will have:

Three blocks of historic buildings in downtown Louisville fully-occupied with cultural spaces, offices, and specialty retail.

Arts and academics integrated in the majority of our schools systems with test scores “going through the roof.”

More than 75,000 tourists coming to experience the “The Main Crossing” project in Alliance.

The historic “Market Street” project in downtown Minerva with 95% filled with cultural spaces, offices, and shops.

“The Eleven” - a monumental series of public art works celebrating the eleven greatest moments in professional football.

A county wide Public Art Program with more than 350 new pieces of public art.

The “town center” in Jackson transformed into an ongoing celebration of Jackson history.

ArtisAlive 2010

The “Do the Loop” marketing partnership between Hall of Fame, McKinley Museum, First Ladies, Classic Car, and the Cultural Center/Arts District attracting 150,000 visitors a year. 

Stark County artists recognized for their public art commissions in cities across the nation.

More than 50,000 visitors experiencing the attractions of the QuARTer art and retail project in downtown Massillon.

And, finally, a Stark County that is recognized nationally as one of the 10 most innovative places in America.

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2020 VisionWe invite you to read on each section and see how we’re going to do it.

(PDF) 2020 Alliance
(PDF) 2020 Jackson
(PDF) 2020 Louisville
(PDF) 2020 Massillon
(PDF) 2020 Minerva

(PDF) 2020 Artists
(PDF) 2020 Education
(PDF) 2020 Innovation
(PDF) 2020 Public Art
(PDF) 2020 Tourism

Some SAMPLE documents to get you started:
(DOC) Task Force Invitation SAMPLE
(DOC) Chairperson Invitation SAMPLE
(DOC) Agenda for Task Force Meeting One SAMPLE
(DOC) Community Plan SAMPLE
(DOC) Partnership Agreement SAMPLE

(PDF) Download updated 2020 plan (Fall 2014)


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