Operating Grants

Nearly 80% of all dollars we raise through the Annual Arts Campaign go out to Stark County non-profit organizations, artists and schools in the form of grants. Annually, that’s $1.1 million to more than 100 organizations and individual artists. We are the "united way of the arts" for Stark County and we process all grants in the fall of each year.

The biggest grant category is the $1.03 million in Operating Grants that go to the seven largest arts organizations in Stark County: Canton Ballet, Canton Museum of Art, Canton Palace Theatre, Canton Symphony Orchestra, Massillon Museum, Players Guild Theater and Voices of Canton (VOCI). The combined budgets of these seven arts organizations are approximately $5 million. Their programs reach more than 200,000 people annually.

Each year a panel of community representatives reads the applications of the seven Operating Grantees and holds an interview with each. The differences in the dollar amount an Operating Grantee receives relates to 1) the scores it receives from the grants panel, 2) the size of its operating budget, 3) the percentage of its own budget earned and raised, and 4) the number of years it has been applying.

At this time, ArtsinStark does not have plans to add additional organizations to Operating Grant category.




Canton Ballet Operating Grants